Beginning CSS Web Development

Beginning CSS Web Development

By Simon Collison.
Published 28th August 2006, by Apress. ISBN 1590596897. 450 pages

Foreword by Andy Clarke.
Technical reviewers: Dan Rubin and Richard Rutter.

About the book

If you want to build modern web sites, you need to know about Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS gives you the power to style and lay out web sites so they are usable, compact, good looking, well structured, and easy to maintain.

There are many books about CSS, but Beginning CSS Web Development is different. It provides what you need to know faster, and is completely up to date, covering the most modern CSS standards and design techniques.

I start with a detailed analysis of CSS basics, and how to style all the different parts of your web page, with detailed sections about type and image use. Next, I go on to dissect CSS page layouts, clearing up those potentially confusing topics like the Box Model and positioning. In the final chapters, I cover advanced techniques like hacks and filters for cross-browser support, and accessibility, concluding with a case study showing a lot of the techniques you're learned in action. There's even a CSS reference section at the back allowing you to quickly look up details.

I have been building web sites with CSS for five years now, and I can't imagine life without it. I learned the hard way - from messing around with CSS for my own projects, through to developing complex client sites I was initially confused by the quirkiness of CSS and the unpredictable responses of certain web browsers. By sharing my experiences I hope to save you this pain, and transform your approach to building web sites.

This may be the "Beginning...," but armed with this book-and an endless supply of tea and biscuits-you'll be producing professional CSS in no time, and I think you'll enjoy it.

About the author

Photo of Simon Collison

From 2002-06 Simon Collison was lead web developer at Agenzia, leaving to set up Erskine Design in late 2006. Simon has worked on numerous web projects for record labels, high-profile recording artists, and leading visual artists and illustrators, including Dirty Pretty Things, The Libertines, Black Convoy, Poptones and Project Facade. Simon also oversees a production line of business, community, and voluntary sector web sites, and passionately ensures everything he builds is accessible and usable, and complies with current web standards. Simon does his best to keep his popular blog ( updated with noise about web standards, music, film, travels, and more web standards.

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